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The discourse of Failed Kidneys – What’s Missing (Published in The Namibian, 21 June 2010)

I want talk to about kidney failure. I purposefully avoid the term “kidney disorder” or the more common “kidney disease”, because these are just euphemisms for the condition of the body where dialysis of the blood is vital as a … Continue reading

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Islands of Illness? HIV and Chronic diseases

The South African AIDS Prudence Mabele underscored this principle: “My logic is that if you can give drugs to the diabetic patient, why not with AIDS? HIV is a chronic illness”. For Mabele, universal HIV treatment was predicated on the existing access to treatment for recognized chronic disease, namely diabetes, in South Africa. In Namibia, universal HIV treatment is guaranteed by the government, but this is limited to pharmacological treatment. Therefore, the concept of “HIV treatment” must be recast to encompass dialysis and other biomedical technologies that are vital for chronic disease patients. Continue reading

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A vision of Chronic Disease my first amateur social research

Here, I examine factors that contribute to a chronic disease problem within the context of life-proloning biomedical technologies, urbanization and lifestyle changes. The scope of my analysis covers cardiovascular disease and diabetes, because these diseases are interrelated and share risk factors. The problem of cancer, however, is one I will cover in a separate paper. Nonetheless, through interviews with health professionals, observations and research in the primary literature, I look at the conditions under which chronic diseases arise and how they are categorized medically. In particular, I look at the intersection of chronic disease and AIDS in the human body, which is often undermined in both medical practice and epidemiology.

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Kaposi Sarcoma and AIDS – wrote this at end of 2009

  Currently, there is a way that HIV bridges communicable and non-communicable disease. It is through a cancer called Kaposi Sarcoma (KS). “The Kaposi patients sit here with their stinking lesions” describes a health worker as we talk informally in … Continue reading

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Bread and Health, Published in New Era 26th February 2010

Today, the main types of bread that Namibians purchase are white, brown and whole wheat. Brown is the least the cheapest and least desirable of the three; one will always find it when all the white has run out at the local shop. White bread is bought by virtually everyone, while whole wheat is consumed by a select, mostly white, health-conscious stratum of society. Brown bread is the mutt, being neither white nor whole wheat, it looks like white bread dirtied by bits of dark wheat bran. Continue reading

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If you were thrown in Jail – Feb 2010, when I wrote it?

“If you were thrown in jail, and you were innocent, what would your first though be?” was the question I heard on the radio, from a man, clearly a journalist. “I dunno, but I hear that people get raped in … Continue reading

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Med Anthro Blog opening

Do I know where I was conceived? No, my parents were the type who told us “you know when you were conceived, we were in…” not at all like the mothers and fathers in some movies from the United States. … Continue reading

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