Practise interview questions

Why do you want this scholarship?
To study a masters in epidemiology – should I explain to you why I want to do that?



I remember when I first wrote a piece about public health that was published. It was a letter to The Namibian about the proposal to avail hormonal contraceptives (the Pill and injectio to girls under the age of 18. The author of this proposal really did not substantiate his proposal with any evidence apart from his anecdotal experience of working with young people and this made me question his proposal.  I therefore wrote a letter in which I referred to a study I had read in a public health journal about how the use of hormonal contraceptives by women in Cameroon actually correlated positively with seropositivity for HIV. So I cautioned him against advocating for a public health intervention that may actually put young women more at risk of contracting HIV.

I actually emphasized how important it was to implement evidence based public health interventions and it felt really gratifying to be able to do that.

Somehow I feel I made a difference and contributed to a discussion that may influence public health policy in this country.


But I really want to do more.


I want to go out and collect the data and analyze. I know what this entails, because I worked for the 2009 Health Facility Census where I did interviews with a questionnaire on patients and health care providers. Later I was appointed data editor and so I managed data entry, resolved problems and did basis analyses – such as frequencies of certain responses to a particular question. In fact the data I was managing was collected in the same way the researchers in Cameroon obtained their data about contraceptive use.


I am ready to do the masters program and here I will learn statistical methods that will allow me to draw conclusions from data. I can see myself making a significant impact to public health in Namibia in this way.


Why this particular program at WITS University?

Right now, I am keen on doing a masters thesis on a problem in malaria here in Namibia. The program at WITS would give me access to research tools to do this, because each student spends at least 6 months on a research project. They have three different tracks one called “Epidemiology and Biostatistics” one on “Population based Epidemiology” and the other on “Infectious Disease epidemiology.”  From I have read, these three tracks cover much of the same material, but they allow one to cover a specialized research project as well. Depending on what aspect of malaria epidemiology I will want to cover, I will choose the appropriate track. The fact there is so much breadth is what enticed me to apply for this program. I want to benefit from the many aspects of epidemiology training on offer. And they have a killer research symposium




inanzitutto voglio ringraziare DIO  per avermi aiutato a chiarire I miei pensieri in un modo che ho potuto trovare la mia vocazione.

Oggi, mentre che stavo guardando la TV, mi sono detto “perché non metto la radio italiana? Si c’e; qualcosa sulla salute mi servira’ benissimo per preparmi per la mia intrevista la prossima settimana.   È si, c’era la puntata sulla sulate e c’erano delle personne che telefonavano per chiedere a un medico cose che riguardavano l’uso dei metodi anti-conccettivo. E si trattava della pilolla anticonccettivo, di interventi chirugiche per impedire la fecondazione e’ così via.  Gente giovanne fino a personna piutostto matture chiedevano tutti per sapere l’uso buono e gli effeti, sia dannosi o positivo, di un tale metodo anticonccettivo. E’ così mi sono ricordato di quella lettera che avevo scritto in 2009 in cui ho criticato severamente l’idea di mettere a disposizione la pilolla e ingezzione anticonccetiva per le ragazze di meno di dicciotto anni di età, perchè mancavano dei datti per dimostrare che fosee qualcosa benificente ai giovanni. Anzi, secondo uno studio fatto in cameroon, l’uso di un anticoncetivo hormonale può aumentare il rischio di contrarre il hiv per una donna.

Grazie A rai per questa bellissima puntata! Vi voglio molto bene.



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Wannabe Epidemiologist? Wannabe med anthro person? I guess. Christian, scientist (not Christian scientist), i mean like I studied molecular biology and I part of the RC Church. I also completed a Masters of Public Health, at the University of Cape Town, in Epidemiology and Biostatistics.
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