Letter to the City of Windhoek

We the residents of Dorado Park would like to express our desire that the area demarcated by Hydra and Aries Streets in Dorado Park, which is currently an unkempt bush, be kept for the purposes of a dynamic, green, urban park. The City of Windhoek has already indicated they have taken our concerns into account after the 2010 consultative meeting, the minutes of which read:
Funding was obtained for a Family Park on erf 299DP in Hydra Street for this purpose. At present the Park is in the planning stages, the construction of which shall commence before June 2011. The park will have playground, a mini soccerfield, benches, bins,pathways and picnic sites. Pg 35, Consolidated Feedback Report on Public Meetings held in April 2010.

We would like to amplify this request in 2010 by stating that the whole area demarcated by Hydra and Aries streets be kept for a park. Windhoek residents are already making use of the park in the following ways:
– People drive up to the top of the hill to watch the glowing colors of the sunset and often braai
– Go cart riding in the gravel roads that have emerged on the area
– People stroll or jog alongside the green area to enjoy the tranquility of the green space

Unfortunately, the area is also experiencing degradation and pollution due to the following illegal activities:
– Litter
– Dumping of household and garden waste
– ‘sand mining’ whereby trucks still large portions of soil.
– Noise pollution
– Growing bushes where criminals may lurk
– Invasive cactus plants that can take over the whole area

To curb these negative effects and secure the future of this urban space, we strongly advocate for the City of Windhoek to hold a consultative meeting with the residents where we can find solutions to these problems, especially since no such meeting has been held this year .The park area has so much potential, from daily urban strolls, to green spaces for special events and performances that could generate income for the city in the long run.

Looking forward to your speedy response

Dorado Park Residents


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