As the weekend ends now, I reflect on what it means to trust. I believe it is trusting that the little things will not cause anyone disaster. The error in the credit card machine at the Baxter Theater – where I saw an incredible work of dance called Makisi where the dancing of Vintanti Nafassi embodied the fierce kicks of a spirited being who seems to fling his legs of his body – will just be an error and none of my funds will leave me. It is trusting that the things I regard to be so significant will turn out to be little and not problematic at all. Trusting that my professor understands me when I say I never meant to plagiarize at any point when I discussed the concepts of effect modification and mediation with a classmate. And yet I feel somewhat unnerved by the notion my academic integrity would be questioned. I then trust in that my professor will understand my email and all will work out.

As he said, it is important to trust in the process. The process of the MPH. It is of course just an official (secular) way of saying trust in God. All will work out.


About writinghealth

Wannabe Epidemiologist? Wannabe med anthro person? I guess. Christian, scientist (not Christian scientist), i mean like I studied molecular biology and I part of the RC Church. I also completed a Masters of Public Health, at the University of Cape Town, in Epidemiology and Biostatistics.
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