Meeting with Canon Collins benefactor

Hi Pancho,

Thanks for the note and picture! It sounds like an interesting talk and useful background for the exam. That’s great Tim Cole recognised the t-shirt – I had a look for him on our database and he has been a very loyal supporter for two decades!

Best of luck with the exam today – I heard murmurings about whether exams would go ahead at all this week, after the developments on the insourcing deal with UCT. You sound prepared either way.

Best wishes


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Subject: Meeting with Canon Collins benefactor

I happened to attend a talk at the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease Conference today out of my own interest and to supplement my preparation for an exam tomorrow. I decided to stay on beyond the talk I chose and I heard Tim Cole speak on his statistical research – he finds ways of understand trends in serial measurements, such as describing the growth of children.

I found this most fascinating, as he noted that developmental age is often not the same as chronological age. Not all children start puberty at the same age, for instance.

He came up to me after the talk and said "I am glad you are wearing a Canon Collins shirt, as I have been supporting them for years".

I am so happy to share this photo with you


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