I will survive

I am in a transitory period as you may know.

Not a student anymore, but not graduated.

Not unemployed, as I am doing freelance health communication work, but still working.

Not applying for a PhD formally, but I have big ideas.

Yet I am grateful for it all. I know I am in very creative space. Just today, reading the news paper add, a medical aid fund stated it would be "rewarding"its loyal members aged 65 and above with reduced premiums. It seems reasonable to give the elderly a break. But not all elderly members will qualify, only those who have been with the fund for at least 20 years. That is the long time and in our new country of 26 years of democracy and non-institutionalized racism, that means a great deal. People aged 65 years and above today survived the South African apartheid project, that without saying, determined social position then and so ability to have been a medical member just in the first decade after independence.

That’s as much as I am writing.


About writinghealth

Wannabe Epidemiologist? Wannabe med anthro person? I guess. Christian, scientist (not Christian scientist), i mean like I studied molecular biology and I part of the RC Church. I also completed a Masters of Public Health, at the University of Cape Town, in Epidemiology and Biostatistics.
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