How do we address the HIV prevention needs of transgender women?

This is a live blog from the Global Fund Concept note writing process. I am wondering, when considering how to include transgender women (TG) in the proposal for funding. As we know, transgender women also comprise of adolescent trans girls and young trans women. In this vein, there is reason to cover them under the priority group known as adolescent girls and young women. Yet they are also a key population, and the Global Fund Modular Framework Handbook, they are part of key populations. Herein lies the rub – in which group to include them. And this is not a mere existential question. It has to do with access to funding, including access to the new catalytic funds for the priority population.


About writinghealth

Wannabe Epidemiologist? Wannabe med anthro person? I guess. Christian, scientist (not Christian scientist), i mean like I studied molecular biology and I part of the RC Church. I also completed a Masters of Public Health, at the University of Cape Town, in Epidemiology and Biostatistics.
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2 Responses to How do we address the HIV prevention needs of transgender women?

  1. Tonia says:

    You raise great questions here about how best to ensure trans women and girls are included in a way that maximizes their access to life-saving resources. Let us know what you decided.

  2. In Namibia, our Global Fund Proposal will go out sometime this month. So far, the response from one of the delegates at the writing workshop is “I think they should go together with the key populations. It is a safe space, together with the general population it will not work.” Notwithstanding, another colleague stated that trans young women and girls should go with the larger AG YW. Issues surrounding safety, in my view, are key. But then again, trans young women and girls are young women.

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