Since I became a Sydneysider, trains have been my mainstay.Here you have to ‘tap o and tap off’ to access it.
I once a young person jump the barrier. No judgement here,I have evaded the fare once myself, in fact today, merely because I was in a rush.
But I had no idea a large swathw of young people in Sydney are in juvenille justice for fare evasion. I wonder about the loss to society, through the adverse experiences that being in a youth holding faciciliy brings, and I ask: could a developed country not find a better way of dealing with youth who jump barriers?


About writinghealth

Wannabe Epidemiologist? Wannabe med anthro person? I guess. Christian, scientist (not Christian scientist), i mean like I studied molecular biology and I part of the RC Church. I also completed a Masters of Public Health, at the University of Cape Town, in Epidemiology and Biostatistics.
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