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These have been published as opinion pieces in the local daily newspapers in Namibia.

The discourse of Failed Kidneys – What’s Missing (Published in The Namibian, 21 June 2010)

I want talk to about kidney failure. I purposefully avoid the term “kidney disorder” or the more common “kidney disease”, because these are just euphemisms for the condition of the body where dialysis of the blood is vital as a … Continue reading

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Bread and Health, Published in New Era 26th February 2010

Today, the main types of bread that Namibians purchase are white, brown and whole wheat. Brown is the least the cheapest and least desirable of the three; one will always find it when all the white has run out at the local shop. White bread is bought by virtually everyone, while whole wheat is consumed by a select, mostly white, health-conscious stratum of society. Brown bread is the mutt, being neither white nor whole wheat, it looks like white bread dirtied by bits of dark wheat bran. Continue reading

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